NEWSMAKERS: Tom Green From Soup to ‘Nuts’

NEWSMAKERS: Tom Green From Soup to ‘Nuts’

MTV comic Tom Green is in “excellent spirits” after three hours of cancer surgery Tuesday in Los Angeles. Tom Green The procedure — a second sweep by doctors to nab any remaining cancerous cells — comes after one last week in which the 28-year-old funnyman had his right testicle removed.

“He’s resting comfortably, and the prognosis looks good,” publicist Marleah Leslie told The Associated Press.

Production on Green‘s self-titled show on MTV is on hold while he rehabs. When he comes back, he’ll star in “The Cancer Special” (really) featuring footage from Tuesday’s surgery.

In the meantime, the comic has launched a drive to help others with the Big C. It’s called: Tom Green‘s Nuts Cancer Fund. Really.

RELATIVE TROUBLE: A man who legally changed his name to Jonathan Taylor Spielberg in 1997 has been indicted for allegedly claiming to be Steven Spielberg’s nephew. The guy’s vanity license plate? “SLBERG.”

THE “PATIENT” IS UNHAPPY: Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas are joining their “English Patient” director (Anthony Minghella) and producer (Saul Zaentz) in complaining that Miramax short-changed them for their work on the 1996 Oscar-winning film. According to today’s London Daily Express Fiennes and Thomas “are taking legal action” to get the $1.6 million they say they’re each owed. A Miramax rep today said the studio was not aware of any lawsuits. Additionally, he said Miramax was cooperating with (Zaentz in providing info for an audit of the film’s ledgers.

TRAFFIC THERE IS A, ER, WITCH: In case you’re in Madrid and someone asks if you’re going to Hell, don’t take it personally. The good folks of that Spanish city have just unveiled a street named “Highway to Hell,” after the headbanging song by AC/DC.

WHAT PART OF “GOODBYE” DOESN’T SHE UNDERSTAND? Remember Barbra Streisand’s big-deal farewell concert in Las Vegas on Y2K’s Eve? According to today’s Daily Variety, the singer/actress is thinking about doing one, maybe two more shows this fall in either New York or Los Angeles.

OSCAR WATCH: R&B chanteuse (and “Cider House Rules” co-star) Erykah Badu and up-and-comer Penelope Cruz (soon to be seen in “All the Pretty Horses” with Matt Damon) have joined the presenters’ roll for Sunday’s Academy Awards.