Nicole Kidman’s Bust Up With Russell Crowe

Actress Nicole Kidman is furious with pal Russell Crowe, after he publicly
slammed stars who appear in advertisements plugging products.

The Gladiator actor recently named a number of stars he claimed had cashed in
on their celebrity to feature in commercials outside America–including George Clooney, Robert De Niro and Harrison Ford.

Crowe didn’t name Kidman–but the actress recently signed a $3.8 million to appear in a Chanel No. 5 perfume ad, and is said to be seething.

A source says, “Nicole was really upset by what Russell said and their
friendship is all but over.

“They had a shouting match and she is feeling very hurt.”

The pair were due to star together in Australian movie Eucalyptus, which was
cancelled last week, shortly before filming was due to begin.

George Clooney hits back at Crowe

George Clooney has also hit back at Hollywood rival Crowe, after the
Gladiator actor slammed stars who appear in commercials.

The Antipodean actor was particularly scathing of Clooney, Harrison Ford and
Robert De Niro, who have all plugged products on television outside America.

Crowe said, “I don’t use my celebrity to make a living. To me it’s kind of
sacrilegious–it’s a complete contradiction of the f***ing social contract you
have with your audience.”

But Clooney has hit back–and suggested Crowe uses his celebrity to promote
his rock band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts.

He says, “I’m glad he set us straight.

“Because Harrison, Bob and I were putting a band together called Grunting For
30 Feet, and that would also fall under the heading of ‘bad use of celebrity’.

“Thanks for the heads up.”

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