Nicole Kidman’s West End stint led to run of movie luck

Nicole Kidman’s turn in West End play The Blue Room proved to be one of the luckiest moves of her career – she landed her roles in Moulin Rouge! and The Hours during her stint on stage. The Australian actress’ turn in the 1998 Sam Mendes-directed production was a critical and commercial hit, and brought her to the attention of Stephen Daldry, who cast her as Virginia Woolf in The Hours, the film which won Kidman a Best Actress Oscar.
The role wasn’t the only sought-after part Kidman won during the play’s run – Baz Luhrmann asked her to play showgirl Satine in Moulin Rouge! as well.
She tells Britain’s Daily Mail, “Baz sent me red roses when I was at the Donmar in The Blue Room. They were exquisite, and the note read: ‘You’re my Satine.’
“I was very excited, but I still had to audition for him. I think it had to do with the singing. He wanted to be sure I could sing the part!
“The Blue Room was very good for me because I got to work with Baz on Moulin Rouge! and Stephen Daldry cast me in The Hours after seeing me in the play and I won the Oscar for that.”