Nicole Kidman struggling to step away from troubled onscreen characters

Nicole Kidman is finding it increasingly difficult to leave the troubled characters she plays onscreen behind when filming wraps.
The actress has portrayed abused wives, alcoholic cops and the religious mother of a gay teen in a run of harrowing dramas, and she admits she puts so much into characters they live on in her real life, and she has been finding it difficult to return to a healthy place emotionally.
“A lot of times when you’re acting scenes that are very traumatic, your body doesn’t know the difference,” she explained during a press interview at the Toronto International Film Festival for her new film The Goldfinch. “You take it on and you become that, and so much of it is then trying to shed that.
“It’s something that I’m exploring, just as an actor with other actors right now, because how do you keep a lifetime of doing these sort of things (separate), because it’s so important to be telling these stories. How do you actually stay healthy yourself, so that you can keep giving?”