Niecy Nash Wants Ed Asner to Attend her Walk of Fame Ceremony


Actress Niecy Nash has invited screen icon Ed Asner to attend the 2018 unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame so he can witness her childhood pledge come true.

The Glee and Scream Queens star reveals she came across Asner in a chance meeting on the Walk of Fame years ago when she was just a kid, and vowed to one day land her own pavement plaque.

“When I was about nine years old, I’m on Hollywood Boulevard with my dad, and I recognize an actor… it was Ed Asner,” she recalled on The Talk. “I walk up to him and go, ‘Hey, sir! You’re an actor, and I’m gonna be an actor too, and my name is gonna be right here on the ground on one of these stars.’

“He said to me, ‘Yeah, scram kid!’ And I said, ‘My name, remember my name!’ as he was walking away.”

Niecy, 47, was sure The Mary Tyler Moore Show actor had long forgotten about their encounter, but the 88-year-old recently surprised the actress with a congratulatory note on achieving her Walk of Fame goal.

“Recently, I got a card in the mail from Ed Asner,” she smiled.

She also showed off the colorful message, which read: “Niecy, And you thought I wouldn’t remember you! Well done… on your triumph! Truly amazed at all you’ve accomplished. Love, Ed Asner“.

He also drew an image of a Walk of Fame star with her name on it in the corner of his card, a sweet gesture which moved Nash to tears.

“I cried like a baby because it’s such a full circle moment,” she gushed, before extending a personal invite to Asner: “I’m hoping, if you’re watching, Ed, you are cordially invited!”

A specific date for Nash’s ceremony, which will honor her TV work, has yet to be announced.