Nikki Sixx: ‘Scott Weiland was dragging down a great band’

Motley Crue rocker Nikki Sixx has praised the stars of Stone Temple Pilots for ditching troubled frontman Scott Weiland, branding it a “smart move” as the singer was “dragging down a great band”. Weiland was booted from the group earlier this year (13) and he has been replaced by Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington.
The new line-up will perform a show with Motley Crue in Oklahoma on Friday (13Sep13), and Sixx has revealed he is looking forward to seeing Stone Temple Pilots play, praising them for their bravery in moving forward without their original singer.
In a post on his page, he writes, “Looking forward to (Stone Temple Pilots) with (Chester Bennington) on lead vocals opening for Crue in Oklahoma. Weiland was dragging down a great band… Smart move…”