No patriotic films planned by Hollywood for new crisis

Hollywood has no plans in the works to make any film about the current international crisis that might inspire audiences “to rally for our troops” as it did following the outbreak of World War II, USA Today observed today.

It quoted Chris McGurk, MGM vice chairman and COO as saying, “Back then, the studios could throw something together in six months or less. Now, you’re talking about 18 months or two years from the script stage to releasing it. The investment levels are higher, the stakes are higher and there’s more quality control.”

Director Oliver Stone blamed “the Wall Street crowd,” telling the newspaper that they “bought into the movie business big-time, and they pumped it up and forced these companies to get bigger and bigger. … People don’t matter. It’s just a corporation. That’s what’s scary. There’s nobody at the controls. There’s nobody to talk to. There’s nothing personal about it.”