Not So Supreme

The controversial Supremes tour featuring Diana Ross but none of the group’s other original members is being cut short by promoters, much to the Motown diva’s chagrin. Last night’s gig in Hartford, Conn., was the final curtain, and scheduled performances in Long Island, N.Y., Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh have been ditched, Ross’s representatives told Reuters.

The concert tour, billed “Diana Ross and the Supremes Return to Love,” caught flak from the start. Ross elected not to reunite with singers Mary Wilson (an original member of the trio) and Cindy Birdsong (who joined the group in 1967 and sang on some of its biggest hits), and brought two other vocalists instead.

Then, once the act hit the road in June, it was marred by poor ticket sales.

No reason was immediately given for the tour’s abrupt ending, but Ross said through her publicist, “I am severely disappointed that TNA and SFX (the tour’s producers) have decided to cancel the remainder of [the tour]. … I promised our fans that I would be there for them … and I will find a way to reconnect with them as soon as possible.”