Nova Scotia locals fought to keep The Lighthouse set

Robert Pattinson was stunned when Nova Scotia locals fought to keep the set for his new film The Lighthouse in the area.
Community leaders did not want the wooden lighthouse, which features at the core of the film, torn down after the production was over, and the Twilight star can’t believe how hard they battled to keep it.
“The people who lived there afterwards were kind of doing a campaign to keep the lighthouse there, because it looked so beautiful, and it looked like it really belonged there,” he told Deadline. “You’re like, ‘You know it’s made out of wood? Like, it’s impossible’. But no one would know that that was a set.”
Robert also reveals the the harsh elements of Nova Scotia kept him deep in character in director Robert Eggers’ film, about a young lighthouse keeper who loses his mind.
“Other than a camera and a Porta-Potty, there was absolutely no trace of (anything) differentiating it from reality,” Pattinson added.
The Lighthouse, which also features Willem Dafoe, hits theatres next month (Oct19).