Novelist won’t let Harris, John renew option on her book

The author of the novel So I Am Glad, which was to have been made into a movie by Ed Harris and Elton John, is so angered by changes to her storyline that she has refused to extend Harris and John‘s option rights, the London Sunday Times reported. The newspaper said that novelist A.L. Kennedy has branded the current screenplay by Barbara Turner, who wrote Harris‘s Pollock, a “disaster” and a “massive disappointment.” She reportedly has accused Harris of altering the plot in order to accommodate his wife, Amy Madigan, who has been set to appear in the movie. A friend of the writer told the Times: “I think the film is just a project to keep Amy busy while Harris is off being famous elsewhere.” A spokesman for John’s Rocket Pictures said that he could understand how Kennedy would be worried about the proposed changes, “but when she sees the script … maybe she will change her mind.”