November Sweeps: Too Close to Call

The November Sweeps is getting to be as close a race as the presidential election.

According to an Associated Press report, NBC and ABC are virtually neck-and-neck heading toward the finish line of this sweeps period.

And how close is the TV war?

Dig this: Through Tuesday, NBC was only leading the ABC by one-tenth of a ratings point during November. And for the week that ended Sunday, the Peacock Network averaged 14.1 million viewers in primetime vs. the Alphabet Network’s 13.7 million.

The November Sweeps period, which is used to gauge advertising dollars for the next season, officially ends today.

Stay tuned for final results.

DAMAGE CONTROL: Fox News and NBC News have vowed to walk out on Voter News Service — the agency that provides news outlets with results for the presidential election — if it does not adequately explain the boo-boo it made with the Florida state miscall, The Hollywood Reporter says.

The call toward greater responsibility was made after a conference attended by ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, NBC News, CNN and The Associated Press.

As a result of the miscalculated projection in Florida (in which Vice President Al Gore was named the projected winner over Texas Gov. George W. Bush), Fox, News, ABC News and NBC News have said that they will wait until all the polls are closed in a state before calling the outcome.