O’Neal sentenced to more rehab

The 26 year old was pulled over by cops in Santa Monica, California on 2 August (11) after he ran through a red light, and heroin and a loaded handgun were found in the vehicle during a routine search.

O’Neal was held without bail and later charged with two felonies – one for heroin possession and one for illegally possessing a firearm.

On Wednesday (24Aug11) Redmond pleaded no contest to both counts and was ordered to undergo one year of inpatient treatment.

Redmond’s attorneys, Richard Pintal and Michael Brewer, tell People.com, “We are pleased and grateful that the judge gave Redmond further treatment rather than incarceration. His history of addiction warrants this approach.”

He is currently on probation for bringing drugs to a Los Angeles County jail in 2009 and he’ll remain on probation for another five years.