Oh, “Brother”!

Justin Sebik, the Big Brother contestant who was kicked out of the house for putting a kitchen knife to the throat of another contestant, Krista Stegall, was arrested in Bayonne, N.J., in 1997 on two counts of robbery but was not indicted, the Newark Star-Ledger reported on Thursday. Asked why the show’s allegedly tough screening process failed to eliminate Sebik if it was aware of his background, executive producer Arnold Shapiro told the Washington Post that the arrest was a “non-issue” because Sebik was never indicted. “In the eyes of the law, he never committed the crime.” Video of the scene showed Sebik kissing Stegall, then picking up a knife and asking her if she would mind “if I just killed you.” Washington Post columnist Lisa de Moraes called it “the most idiotic question ever asked on a nonfiction program, and that includes Larry King Live. The incident failed to boost ratings for the show. It scored a modest 6.6 rating and a 12 share, according to Nielsen overnights, down slightly from last week’s 6.8/12.