Old 97’s star silenced by haemorrhaged vocals cords.

Old 97’s rocker Rhett Miller has been forced to pull the plug on a series of New York gigs after learning he had haemorrhaged his vocals cords. The singer/songwriter struggled through an Old 97’s gig in Dallas, Texas at the weekend (06Apr13) and now he has been told to rest his voice for at least a week.
Explaining his condition in a series of posts on Twitter.com, Miller writes, “This vocal cord situation is crazy. It feels like I have a cherry tomato stuck in my voice box.”
He adds, “Not being allowed to talk makes me realize just how much I must talk when I am allowed. How does anyone put up with me?”
His voice problems are not expected to affect any Old 97’s gigs – the band returns to the road with a gig at the Forth Worth Music Festival in Texas on 17 May (13).