Olivia Munn delivers Mother’s Day surprise with kitchen remodel


Actress Olivia Munn has given her mom an early Mother’s Day present to remember after surprising her with a home makeover.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star recently teamed up with interior design experts on the show My Houzz to renovate the kitchen and dining space in her mom Kim’s Oklahoma property, where the family has lived since immigrating from Vietnam in 1975.

“My mom loves entertaining,” Olivia tells Us Weekly. “Her house is where everyone comes to eat, whether it’s a Monday or Thanksgiving. I wanted to update the kitchen so she can use it to its full potential.”

“It’s a small area and we always pack it with so many people,” she explains. “We’ve done well with that but I wanted to make the house feel airy and comfortable. We’re not the type of family who will have a nice living room that no one sits in. Everything has to be comfortable and everyone needs to be able to sit!”

Olivia worked with the designers to come up with the perfect bright and airy space to entertain, and her mother was stunned by the finished product.

“My mom was in awe and shock!” the actress smiles. “I really wanted to thank her for being so supportive of my dreams over the years and this renovation was a way for me to give something meaningful to her.”

However, there was one aspect of the kitchen Kim wasn’t completely sold on – switching from an electric to a gas stove.

“I was like, ‘Mom, the whole point is to give you a real chef’s kitchen. Don’t you want a gas stove?'” Olivia shares. “But she said if she ever needs to carry an oxygen tank (for health reasons), a gas stove would blow her up! I promised if she ever needs one, I’ll change the stove back.”

Olivia is the latest celebrity to recruit My Houzz producers to surprise a loved one – rapper/actor Ludacris pulled off a similar stunt for his mom’s pad in Atlanta, Georgia for Mother’s Day last year (17), while Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell have also helped to remodel their family’s homes via the show.

This year’s International Mother’s Day falls on Sunday (13May18).