Olsen Twins Takeover Business

Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen have taken complete control of their business empire
by buying out the lawyer who made it all possible.

Robert Thorne was more than happy to sell his minority stake in Dualstar LLC–the company which markets products bearing the twins’ names–after the
18-year-olds made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Thorne helped the teen millionaires run Dualstar for 15 years, which
manufactures clothes, make-up, books and DVDs under the stars’ names.

Thorne says, “The decision was to respect their desire to take the helm
perhaps a few years earlier than I had anticipated. I didn’t want to stand in
their way provided I was taken care of, as I was handsomely.”

Ashley enthuses, “I am truly excited to continue the Dualstar legacy we built
with Robert and work hand in hand with Mary-Kate to push the company to even
higher heights.”

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