Orlando Bloom as James Bond??


Orlando Bloom already knows how he’d play James Bond if he were ever asked.

The next actor to take on the 007 role is currently Hollywood’s hottest guessing game, with Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston the current favorites.

While it’s not been confirmed yet if current super spy Daniel Craig will continue on in the part, fellow Brit Orlando is keen for Bond producers to consider him when the time is right.

“I grew up loving those films, who didn’t?” Orlando said to the BBC. “But I’m sure they’ll probably do more with Daniel, and who knows where they’ll go with that.

“The franchise, (it) is part of the fabric of our society isn’t it, and it’s something people really relate (to) and laugh and enjoy.

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“A little bit of who Jack (Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean character played by Johnny Depp) is, that kind of wink and twinkle behind the eyes is what I always saw in both (former Bonds) Sean Connery and Roger Moore and what they did. And I love what Daniel Craig did; muscular and dynamic and I think there is a combination with all of that that’s really interesting.”

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When quizzed on how he’d tackle the role, Orlando admitted he’d like to channel his favorite Bond actors and do a mix of classic and contemporary.

“A bit of that very English, but that sort of twinkle with the muscular dynamic,” he smiled. “But who knows, they could do a woman. The world we live in today… who knows where they’ll go with it. But I do love that (Bond) world.”

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