Osbournes team up for breast cancer drive

Sharon Osbourne and her daughter Kelly have joined forces to front a new breast cancer campaign in the U.K. The rock matriarch underwent a double mastectomy last year (12) over fears she could develop the deadly disease, and now she is pushing home the importance of raising funds for cancer research in a new campaign for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer.
The shopping initiative encourages women to donate to cancer charities by purchasing clothes, and the fashion-savvy Osbournes embrace in a touching photo promoting the drive.
Sharon says, “Every year Fashion Targets Breast Cancer unites people for this vitally important cause, a cause that is particularly close to my heart. I hope that everyone in the U.K. really embraces the campaign this year – it’s vital that their scientists can keep making breakthroughs to improve the lives of women affected by the disease.”
Former rocker Pearl Lowe and her model daughter Daisy are also involved with the campaign. The ex-Powder frontwoman adds, “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is a legendary campaign and this year’s theme of uniting mothers and daughters really brought it home for me. We must raise money for breast cancer research now to make a difference for our daughters in the future.”