Oscar gift baskets worth more than $20,000

While there can be only one winner for each of the Academy Awards categories, the Oscar gift baskets certainly shed new light on the definition of the word loser.

That’s because win or lose, the 125 nominees and presenters at the 2002 Academy Awards will receive more than $20,000 worth of goodies.

Included in the basket are a CJ & Me handbag worth about $400, a Flying Fig scarf ($300-$1,100), an Ebel watch ($1,600), a certificate to a Cabo San Lucas resort ($3,000) and many other items.

Of the more unusual items: furniture vouchers!

A mattress ($1,000), an Allsteel #19 office chair ($1,195-$1495) and a La-Z-Boy recliner ($539-$1,199) are also amongst the basket treats.

The USA Today reports there will be 40 items in all. Quite a haul for a winners and non-winners alike.