Oscar winner Shanley addresses sex lawsuit

Actress Amanda Jencsik, 26, claims the 61 year old forced her to engage in violent sexual acts, restricting her breathing and allegedly asking Jencsik if she felt as though she was being raped during intercourse.

In her suit, obtained by the New York Post, the actress also claims Shanley sodomised her on multiple occasions.

Shanley, who told the Post he was unaware of the lawsuit, released a statement on Friday (30Apr12), which read: “I dated Amanda Jencsik several times. Our relationship was totally consensual. It ended some time ago. We never exchanged a harsh word. I am distressed and surprised to see her being exploited this way. I wish her well.”

As well as writing the screenplay for Cher’s Moonstruck, Shanley also directed Meryl Streep and Amy Adams in the movie adaptation of his Pulitzer and Tony Award-winning play Doubt.