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An Oscars Class Picture: Yearbook Messages from the 2013 Nominees — PIC

You'll recognize that as the tired phrase that is scrawled on every other page of your high school yearbook. Glossing over the fact that your longtime classmates didn't even have the foresight to wish you well through the duration of your life past the August following graduation, the creativity levels in such a farewell are remarkably low.


An R-Rated Oscars? Mark Wahlberg and CG-Enabled Ted to Present at the Show

Did the producers of Ted, actually see Seth MacFarlane's directorial debut? In a press released from telecast producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron released Friday, it has been announced that co-stars Mark Wahlberg and MacFarlane's CGI alter ego Ted are set to present at the Oscars.


'Argo' Wins Big at SAG — Are We Looking at a Best Picture Winner?

The big takeaway from this month's Oscar nominations? Ben Affleck got screwed. At least that's how every other voting groups appears to be reacting to the actor-turned-filmmaker's snub from the Academy Awards' prestigious "Best Director" category.


Jennifer Lawrence is America's Darling: Can Her Charm Nab Her the Oscar?

The clouds have parted and a glorious light, in the form of one Jennifer Lawrence, has descended from above to unite Hollywood (and all the world) in one perfect, steadfast belief.


Oscar Race: Does Harvey Weinstein Rule The Oscars? — INFOGRAPHIC

If you’ve ever watched a Hollywood awards show, or heard a joke about a Hollywood awards show, you know that it’s widely accepted that Harvey Weinstein is regarded as something of a master. And why not?


Barbra Streisand to Perform at the Oscars (We're the Luckiest People in the World!)

Happy days are here again! Why? Because Barbra Streisand is set to sing at the 85th Annual Academy Awards, making this her first Oscars performance in 36 years.


Seth MacFarlane's 'Psycho' Oscars Video: How Will He Mock Pop Culture at the Show?

Seth MacFarlane has made a career out of watching movies and telling jokes about them — the post-Fitzgerald American Dream.


Kathryn Bigelow: Oscars' 'Best Directors' Didn't Need to Be a Boy's Club

In the 85-year history of the Academy Awards, four woman have been nominated for the Best Director Oscar: Lina Wertmuller (1976's Seven Beauties), Jane Campion (1993's The Piano), Sofia Coppola (2003's Lost in Translation), and Kathryn Bigelow (2009's The Hurt Locker).


Oscars 2013: How To Watch All The Nominated Films

Now that the nominees for the 85th Academy Awards have been announced, it's time to get down to business.


Oscar Nom Benh Zeitlin Praises 'Master Spielberg,' Compares 'Beasts' to 'Last Crusade'

Benh Zeitlin is living the dream. At 30 years old, his directorial debut Beasts of the Southern Wild took the 2012 Sundance Film Festival by storm, was immediately picked up by Fox Searchlight, arrived in theaters over the summer, was met with high praise from critics, and is now a contender for Best Picture at the 2013 Academy Awards.


The 'Argo' Articles, and Other Non-Book Sources for Best Adapted Screenplay Nominees

In the real world, copying somebody else's written material for your own personal gain is called plagiarism. In the movie biz, it's called adaptation.


Seth MacFarlane's 3 Ds of Oscars: 'Drinks,' 'Daniel Day-Lewis,' and 'Douche' — VIDEOS

For decades now, spotlit celebrities handed the honor of hosting the Academy Awards have worked their hardest to deliver the perfect ceremony, each with different formulas for what they consider to be a winning gig.


'Avengers' FX Team Proves Its Oscar Worth (while Dabbling in Stop-Motion!) — VIDEO

The lo-fi creation of the stop-motion Hulk that opens Industrial Light & Magic's sizzle reel for Marvel's The Avengers isn't all that different from what the visual effects company did to bring the actual movie to life.


What Happened to All the First Time Oscar Nominees?

Doesn't it seem like, more and more, the Oscars are only handed out to a select few that Hollywood has deemed worthy?


Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts & More React to Their Oscar Nominations

There must be few experiences more exciting if you're an actor or director than waking up to find you're an Oscar nominee.


2013 Oscars Nominate Only 9 for Best Picture: Which Film Should've Been the 10th Nominee?

This year, the Academy Award nominees are missing something. Back in 2009, the Academy made a change to its rigid rules, allowing voters to nominate 10 films for Best Picture in an effort to tip its hat to consumer-friendly movies that were often ignored by Oscar.


Seth MacFarlane's Oscars Preview: How Will He Do on Show Night? — POLL

Thursday morning introduced early risers to the nominees who’ll be contending for golden statues come this year’s Oscars ceremony, but it also introduced the country to the sort of spectacle it should expect from forthcoming host, Seth MacFarlane.


Kathryn Bigelow and Ben Affleck Lead This Year's Oscar Snubs. Who Else Was Ignored?

The only names that get movie buffs as riled up on Oscar nomination morning as the ones who are announced as nominees, are the ones whose names don't get called. Every year there's films, actors, actresses, and directors that — often times unforgivably — get left out in the cold by the Academy, and this year was certainly no exception.


Oscar Nominees 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Stars and Their Movies

We've picked our favorite movies of the year and made award season predictions, but now the Academy has finally revealed their picks for the top movies, actors, actresses, and filmmakers of 2012.


2013 Oscar Nominations: See the Full List of Nominees Here!

While the Golden Globes may be the best party in town, there's no denying that the Academy Awards ceremony is the biggest event in Hollywood.


Oscar Nominations Deadline Pushed To January 4

Thanks to those reported online voting snafus (surprising, considering no kind of voting process has ever hit any kind of snags along the way) the Academy is extending the nominations deadline from Thursday, January 3 at 5 PM PT to Friday, January 4 at 5 PM PT.


Oscars 2013: Let's Predict the Nominations (and Call the Upsets)

In the early hours of Thursday, Jan. 10, Seth MacFarlane and Emma Stone will take a stage to announce the nominees for the 85th Academy Awards.


Oscar News: How James Bond Will Get His Due, Finally

After debuting a month out from the release of the 23rd James Bond adventure, Skyfall, Adele's anthem of the same name made 007 music history.


Oscars 2013: Seth MacFarlane & Emma Stone to Announce Nominations, Please Everyone

How do you get everyone revved and ready for Oscars season? Get two groups of people who make up all Americans: people who love Family Guy and those inescapably charmed by Emma Stone (also known as "everyone else").


'Lincoln' Tops BAFTA Nominations — Say Hello to the Oscar Frontrunner

Those keeping up with the continuous roll out of awards circuit nominations have, by now, come to notice a trend.


Oscars Will Choose Five 'Best Song' Nominees, But Will They Be Performed?

The Academy Awards may be all about the year's best movies, but the actual broadcast is one of television's showiest nights.


Ben Affleck's 'Argo': Which Oscars Could It Take Home?

With boatloads of awards-worthy movies making their way into theaters over the next three months, Hollywood.com wants to ensure that come time that you're fully prepared for your 2013 Oscar pool.


Next Up, Oscars? Spielberg, Affleck Crack the Directors Guild's 2013 Nominations

This Thursday, Jan. 10, we'll find out which of 2012's filmmakers will be honored with prestigious Oscar nominations.


'Les Miserables': Where's The Oscar Buzz For Eddie Redmayne?

Anne Hathaway isn't the only one with Oscar buzz on her side for all that live singing and up-close-and-personal acting in the box office smash.


'Zero Dark Thirty' Trailer: 5 Reasons It's an Oscar Shoo-in

On Thursday morning, the pulled-from-the-headlines thriller Zero Dark Thirty took a solid four Golden Globe nominations, for writing, acting, directing, and Best Picture.


Early Oscar Buzz Pegs 'Les Miserables', Anne Hathaway, 'Zero Dark Thirty' As Contenders

The big screen adaptation of the hit Broadway musical Les Misérables opens on Dec. 25, while Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow's chronicle of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, won't open wide until Jan. 11, 2013.


Hair Wins Oscars: The Conspiracy Behind Ben Affleck's 'Argo' 'Do

Ancient mythology tells of an incredible soldier named Samson: with shoulders 60 cubits broad and enough strength to tear a lion in twain, Samson reigned as one of his time's most immensely powerful forces — all thanks to his hair.


Which Toronto Film Festival Highlights Have Oscar Potential?

Unlike most festivals that program small films prime for discovery, the Toronto International Film Festival parades nearly 300 films, most of which are well-known going into the ten day moviegoing extravaganza.


'The Dark Knight Rises' Oscar Potential: Is It a Best Picture Contender?

In 2008, a Best Picture nomination for Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight looked like a sure thing.


Could 'Dark Knight Rises' Win Best Picture Oscar?

Yesterday, Twitter and Facebook exploded with early reviews of The Dark Knight Rises after an early screening for a few dozen lucky critics. And let's just say the response was nothing short of spectacular.


Seth MacFarlane to Host the Oscars, Just Like That One Time...

Revealed through a video that only he could whip up, the Academy of Arts & Sciences has announced that Family Guy creator and Seth MacFarlane will host the 85th Academy Awards scheduled for February 24, 2013.


Jeffrey Katzenberg, Hal Needham Score Honorary Oscars

The Venice Film Festival will soon reward their Golden Lion, the Toronto Film Festival is gearing up to show off the year's best films, and celebrity stylists are furiously marking up their day planners.