Ozzy Osbourne overawed by Beatles at Grammy Awards

Ozzy Osbourne was so overcome with emotion as he introduced Ringo Starr at the Grammy Awards, he was rendered speechless, according to his wife Sharon Osbourne. The Black Sabbath star joined his bandmates onstage to salute Starr but became tongue-tied when he spotted Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono staring at him.
During the telecast, Osbourne appeared to have forgotten what he was supposed to say and chuckling bandmates Geezer Butler and Tony Iommi took over for him, but his wife insists the rocker was just overcome with nerves.
She explains, “He is so in awe of that band (Beatles) that when he was introducing Ringo, he couldn’t say the word Beatles. He looked down, he saw Paul McCartney, he saw Yoko… and nothing came out… He was overcome.
“When they finished the other guys were teasing him the entire night… He just lost it.”
Osbourne insists her husband’s Beatles obsession is no joke: “His entire life he has just idolised the Beatles. He says that’s what got him into music.
“I’ve been with Ozzy… coming up 35 years and every single day for 35 years he has listened to the Beatles… When Ozzy was in a coma, when he had his motorbike accident, we used to blast the Beatles in his room.”