Paloma Faith blames social media for ruining pop

British singer Paloma Faith has blamed social media for ruining the mystique of music superstars. The Picking Up The Pieces hitmaker admits she tried to keep her personal life private when she first entered the music business back in 2009, but had to reveal all to boost her appeal to fact-hungry fans.
Faith is now convinced reclusive rock icon David Bowie is the industry’s last real star.
She tells Britain’s Daily Star newspaper, “There’s no mystery or excitement about being a pop star any more. People know everything now, there’s no stone unturned with social media.
“It was brilliant that David Bowie won a BRIT Award (in February) and totally deserved, he’s an incredible artist and the last of a generation. I wish they didn’t know everything about me.
“Originally when I got in the music business I wanted to be mysterious but I realised I wouldn’t get anywhere so became really open. It’s the only way to sell records now.”