Pam Anderson To Write Women’s Column

It didn’t take Pamela Anderson long to find a new gig after her syndicated action/adventure series V.I.P. was canceled last week.

The former Baywatch babe will write a monthly feature for Jane magazine that will focus on issues of domestic abuse, women’s health and parenthood, The Associated Press reports.

Jane Pratt, editor in chief at Jane, said Monday that Anderson will be a perfect fit for the magazine.

“She has a very open and honest writing style that I know our readers will be able to relate to,” Pratt said.

Anderson appeared on a recent cover of the magazine but was dissatisfied with the accompanying story, titled “My Man, My Kids, My Liver.” Pratt in turn asked the actress to contribute to the magazine’s new celebrity-written column, “This Celeb Trusts Us.” She was so impressed with Anderson‘s outpouring of ideas that she asked her to do a monthly column.

Anderson, 34, has two children with her ex-husband, former Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. The two are currently involved in a custody battle over their two children.

In March, Anderson confirmed reports that she had hepatitis C–a disease that affects the liver–and said she contracted the disease while sharing a tattoo needle with Lee.

But the former Playboy Playmate is moving on–romantically speaking. She recently announced her engagement to pop-rocker Kid Rock.

Anderson‘s first column, called Pam Honestly, will appear in the September issue of Jane.