Pamela Rats Out Tommy Lee

Another day, another Tommy Lee custody update. For those of you keeping score at home, the former Mötley Crüe drummer is now free, per a court hearing today.

On Friday, a judge in Malibu, Calif., ordered the rocker to the pokey for five days for parole violations. Today’s reprieve meant he got sprung several hours ahead of schedule.

So, what was the parole violation? According to Lee’s attorney today, it was a glass of champagne downed to celebrate the new year. And while that’s low-wattage compared with Tommy’s usual M.O., any drop of alcohol is a no-no under his (now-extended) probation.

Lee’s lawyer also told reporters that it was estranged wife Pamela Anderson who reported Tommy’s Y2K drinking to authorities.

Lee, 37, is now due back in court Sept. 5 when he’ll be told not to do bad again.