Paolo Nutini helping dad modernise his chip shop

Scottish singer/songwriter Paolo Nutini is keeping an interest in the family business by helping his father modernise his traditional British fish and chip shop. The Last Request hitmaker’s dad runs a takeaway restaurant in the singer’s native Scotland, and Nutini is adamant he would have taken over the family business if he had failed to forge a successful music career.
However, Nutini still wants to be a part of the fish and chip shop and has recently been helping his father move the old-fashioned eaterie forward.
He tells, “Some people say I’m lucky to have escaped the life that my dad had, working in a fish and chip shop, but I don’t see it like that. If I’d followed in his footsteps, I’d be running my own business. It wouldn’t have been like going down a mine! I’m still involved in the shop. The decor hasn’t changed since the Fifties, but I’m trying to move things forward without losing the charm. I can’t go in and start cooking fish suppers or deep-frying Mars Bars, but the shop is something I’m very proud of.”