Paris Jackson to feature in new season of Scream

Actress and model Paris Jackson is in for a scare after landing a role in the rebooted Scream TV series.
Michael Jackson’s daughter features in the new trailer for the show’s long-awaited season three, titled Scream: Resurrection, appearing alongside Mary J. Blige, Keke Palmer, Tyler Posey, and rapper Tyga.
The small screen adaptation of Wes Craven’s hit slasher film franchise initially debuted on MTV in 2015, but shortly after plans for a third season was announced in 2016, producers decided the series needed a complete revamp, and brought in Queen Latifah and showrunner Brett Matthews to work on the project.
Now, with a whole new cast, Scream: Resurrection will focus on star football player Deion Elliot, portrayed by R.J. Cyler, who becomes haunted by his tragic past.
The new episodes will also mark the first time the original Ghostface mask from the movies is used on TV, after season one officials decided against pursuing the rights to the image and instead creating their own unique take on the scary prop.
Roger Jackson, who voiced the killer character in the Scream films, is returning to reprise his role for the six-episode show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Season three, co-executive produced by horror mastermind Craven, will premiere on MTV’s sister network VH1 on 8 July (19).