Parton: A Perfect Mae West; Reid is a “Guest”

Dolly Parton as Mae West? You were thinking of someone else?

ABC is developing a made-for-TV movie about the legendary buxom blonde Mae West specifically with the country-singer/actress Parton in mind, but it has not been confirmed on whether Parton has agreed to the project. Parton would certainly fit the bill as the seductive and sexually charged West, whose tremendous comic timing was unmatched in her time. West made nine films before her death in 1980.

Parton, whose acting career has stalled since her memorable turns in films such as Nine to Five (1980) and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas(1982), could look at this role as a comeback of sorts.

A “GUEST” IN THE HOUSE : Tara Reid (American Pie) is in negotiations to join co-star Ashton Kutcher (That’s ’70’s Show) in Dimension Film’s The Guest. Production is slated to start mid-April in Vancouver.

Reid will play Kutcher‘s paramour, who also happens to be his boss’s daughter. This proves to be troublesome for Kutcher‘s character when he is asked to house-sit the boss’s house and can’t get rid of an array of uninvited guests.

Reid was last seen in Dr. T and the Women and will be in the upcoming Josie and Pussycats opening April 11.

TAKE A ROMANTIC “WALK”: Pop singer Mandy Moore and Shane West (ABC’s Once and Again) are in talks to star in Warner Bros.’ romantic feature A Walk to Remember, directed by Adam Shankman (The Wedding Planner).

The story revolves around a restless high school student (West) who falls in love with a young woman (Moore) whom he and his friends once shunned before learning that she is dying. It is based on a 1999 Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name.

Moore will be making her acting debut in the upcoming Disney feature The Princess Diaries, while West can be seen the recent feature release Get Over It.

HAVE A “MIND” FOR MATH: Adam Goldberg (Saving Private Ryan) will join co-stars Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly in director Ron Howard‘s A Beautiful Mind for Universal Pictures. Principal photography is scheduled to start March 26 in New York.

Based on a true story, the plot follows schizophrenic mathematical genius John Forbes Nash Jr. (Crowe), from his days at Princeton to his Nobel Prize-winning success. Goldberg will play Nash’s colleague and fellow Princeton alumni, from the ages 24-70.

Goldberg has just completed the thriller Salton Sea with Val Kilmer and All Over the Guy for director Julie Davis.