Patti LaBelle performed on Broadway with missing tooth

Veteran R&B star Patti Labelle was forced to hit the Broadway stage with a missing tooth during her stint in hit musical Fela! after suffering the dental nightmare shortly before showtime. The singer returned to the New York stage in 2010 to portray the mother of late Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti, but she spent one performance struggling to concentrate on her lines as she was on the look out for her missing molar.
She says, “I was doing… Fela, my tooth broke and so we couldn’t find it for the next show. I told all the dancers, ‘If you’re dancing and you see a tooth’ – swear to God, this happened – I said, ‘It’s my tooth’. Nobody could find my tooth… I had to sing without the tooth, but nobody (in the audience) could see my mouth.”