Patton Oswalt: ‘Filming The Circle with Tom Hanks was surreal’

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Working alongside Tom Hanks in new movie The Circle was a “very surreal” experience for comedian/actor Patton Oswalt because he has been a fan of the Oscar winner for decades.

The stars play the co-founders of the titular technology and social media company, where a rising female employee, portrayed by Emma Watson, uncovers a shocking surveillance experiment in the film.

Oswalt, who is known more for his comedy work than his dramatic roles, shares many of his scenes in the sci-fi thriller with Hanks, and he admits appearing opposite one of his Hollywood idols was strange.

“It was weird for me because I’m such a huge movie buff,” he explained on Today.

“I’ve been on the Tom Hanks train (a fan) since Bachelor Party...! He really, truly, was amazing in that movie!”

“He’s had one of those careers that Bogie (Humphrey Bogart) or Cary Grant has, that kind of longevity through literally different decades,” Patton continued, “so as a movie buff, to just do these really casual scenes with him (in The Circle) felt very surreal. Like, ‘Oh, I’m acting with a piece of film history right now!’.”

However, Patton quickly regretted his comments after suggesting the 60-year-old Apollo 13 star is ancient.

Fearing he had jeopardized their new friendship, he gasped, “Oh, I bet he loved being called film history!”, and then turned to the camera to address Hanks directly, saying, “Oh God, you’re young and vibrant!”.

He then joked, “Oh God, there goes (our friendship)!”

The Circle also stars John Boyega, Karen Gillan, and the late Bill Paxton, in what was his final movie role before his untimely death in February (17), when he suffered complications following heart surgery, aged 61.

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