Paul Daniels’ home flooded in storms

Veteran British entertainer Paul Daniels used inflatable paddling pools to protect his valuables when his luxury home flooded in a storm on Friday (10Jan14). The beloved magician lives close to the River Thames in Berkshire, England and had to swing into action when he fell victim to the relentless rain battering parts of the U.K. this week (beg06Jan14).
Floodwaters deluged his home when the river burst its banks on Friday, but the TV star was prepared for the bad weather and advised others affected to follow his lead and use inflatables to save their belongings.
In a message on, he wrote, “Get inflatable paddling pools downstairs and dump everything you can into them. You will save so much stuff.”
Daniels later thanked fans for their support, stating, “Thank you to all those who asked about our flooding but don’t worry. We are nowhere near as bad as some we are seeing on the news.”
It is not the first time Daniels has suffered in a storm – his home was deluged when the Thames burst its bank in stormy weather in 2012.