Paul Dano recovering from surgery

Actor Paul Dano has been hobbling around the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada using a cane after undergoing surgery to fix a basketball injury. The There Will Be Blood star has been promoting two movies at the event, 12 Years a Slave and Prisoners, and he has been spotted walking with the aid of a stick.
Dano’s Prisoners co-star Hugh Jackman has now shed light on Dano’s condition, revealing he recently underwent an operation to treat a sports injury.
However, Jackman fears festival-goers will think the worst after seeing his character beat up Dano onscreen in Prisoners.
He tells the Huffington Post, “I love the way he was coming to Toronto with a cane… Had an operation only a couple (of) weeks ago from a basketball injury, but I really want to make the point (that) no one was hurt in this movie… No actor was hurt in this movie.”