Paul McCartney uses trains to make coin plectrums

Paul McCartney was caught placing coins on a railway line so that passing trains warped them into a plectrum shape.
The Beatles legend was photographed loitering near the Long Island Rail Road in New York’s The Hamptons neighbourhood, and locals were stunned that he placed several coins on the tracks before walking off.
However, they eventually realised the reason the 77-year-old was indulging his inner child, as he returned to pick the coins up after they had been flattened by a train into homemade guitar picks.
An onlooker told Britain’s Daily Mirror: “Normally it’s kids who leave coins on the track, not a granddad. It was only when he returned did the penny drop – perfect plectrums.”
Flattening coins on open railroad tracks has long been a pastime for kids in the U.S. – and other musicians, including Queen’s Brian May, have used squashed coins as plectrums because the metal provides a strong pick for intense playing.
In 2004, Paul admitted that he had started wearing women’s acrylic nails during gigs, as playing the guitar wore his fingernails down.