Paul Rudd had teleprompter problems at Golden Globe Awards

The pair walked onstage to announce the nominees for Best Actor in a TV Drama and present the trophy to Homeland’s Damian Lewis, and when the camera cut to Rudd and Hayek, as they prepared to introduce the next category, the two stars were left speechless, literally.

They began awkwardly joking among themselves, which viewers thought was part of a skit, however the Clueless star admits he and his co-presenter were actually struggling with technical difficulties and just trying to buy themselves some time until the problem could be fixed.

He tells New York Magazine, “I didn’t know they were doing two (categories) – we never had rehearsal. And they didn’t tell us, so we were just standing there, and I honestly thought they went to commercial! I mean, there was nothing on (the teleprompter)!

“Then I realised in the middle of that, ‘Oh! We’re on TV!’ And then I just started laughing. It was funny. Thankfully only 20 million people were watching.”

This isn’t the first time Rudd has been caught out at an awards show: “I did the Tonys once, and my contact lens fell out as I was going onstage, and I couldn’t read anything. I’ve done these kinds of things before, and they always go wrong for me, so I’m used to that.”