Paula Patton: ‘I knew Meghan Markle was meant to be royal’

Paula Patton knew Meghan Markle was destined for big things when she saw her stunning handwriting.
The 42-year-old actress has an unusual connection with Meghan, who will be marrying Britain’s Prince Harry on 19 May (18) – as the royal-to-be hand-addressed all of her wedding invites ahead of her nuptials to her now ex-husband Robin Thicke back in 2005.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Paula revealed she went to stationery chain The Paper Source to get her invitations done, with Meghan working there at the time. As such it was Meghan who addressed all of the invites – and Paula was blown away by her incredible writing.
“I met Meghan because she helped me with my wedding invitations,” she explained. “She had this beautiful writing.”
In fact, Meghan’s penmanship was so impressive that Paula knew at that moment that she was going to go on to be somebody.
“That moment I feel like I said something to her. Like, ‘You are meant to be royal’…” Paula smiled. “She was just so graceful and lovely, and actually really kind.”
Meghan has never made a secret of her calligraphy past, revealing she freelanced in the pursuit while auditioning for acting jobs.
“I’ve always had a propensity for getting the cursive down pretty well,” she previously told Esquire magazine. “What it evolved into was my pseudo-waitressing job when I was auditioning. I didn’t wait tables. I did calligraphy for the invitations for, like, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton’s wedding.”
Meghan also helped out in places such as Dolce & Gabbana, writing Christmas cards for celebrities from the designers during holiday season.
“I would sit there with a little white tube sock on my hand so no hand oils got on the card, trying to pay my bills while auditioning,” she remembered. “I’m glad that in the land of no one seeming to appreciate a handwritten note anymore that I can try to keep that alive.”