Pedro Pascal Cried After Painful Fight Training for ‘The Great Wall’

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Actor Pedro Pascal was reduced to tears after enrolling in sword fighting training for The Great Wall, because the course was too brutal on his ageing body.

The former Game of Thrones and Narcos star portrays Matt Damon‘s sidekick in the new monster movie, and while he looks tough onscreen, behind the scenes, the 41-year-old was battered and bruised.

“The first week of training – I can’t believe I’m even going to admit this – I called somebody and I cried,” he confessed to E! News. “I was like, ‘I am old. Everything hurts so much. There’s gotta be something wrong. I must have something because I can’t walk and I can’t think. I’m in pain and all I see and feel is pain.'”

Meanwhile, Matt, who is more accustomed to tough action movies, reveals his preparation for The Great Wall was a lot more tedious, as he had to endure hours in hair and make-up to be fitted with extensions.

“I’d never done that before – 700 extensions (and) it took 12 hours,” he recalled. “The tiny glue (extensions), which is weird.”

The Jason Bourne star had to put up with the longer hair style for five months during the shoot in China, and he wasted no time in getting rid of the locks once filming had wrapped.

“I flew from China and went to do a day of extra filming on The Martian and so I flew to Hungary, landed, went into the production office, and cut all that hair off, and left it on the floor on Hungary,” he smiled. “It was a rat’s nest… It was so gross. It was so nasty.”

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