Pegg credits ‘quantum attraction’ with love match

The Shaun of the Dead star began dating his longtime partner Maureen after they struck up a conversation on public transport. They married in 2005 and are now parents to a daughter.

Pegg is convinced Maureen is his “soulmate” and credits “quantum attraction” with bringing them together.

He explains to Britain’s The Observer magazine, “If I had matured in such a way that had stopped me thinking that sitting at the back of a bus was cool then I would never have met her. But she went to sit at the back too – she had the same impulses as me. That’s quantum attraction in action.

“It’s a notion that attraction might actually be maths – but chaotic, fabulous maths. Not fate as some sort of ordained puppet-master, rather a consequence of millions of micro-decisions happening simultaneously, drawing people towards each other.

“Me and Maureen were at the same gigs or dating the same people, but always missing each other. You might get to within a metre of your soulmate, but for some reason that last little inch you don’t make. I’ve met mine, and I’m very lucky. But the whole process of quantum attraction – it’s like a drunk with a shotgun.”