Pharrell Williams hopes new album silences Blurred Lines critics

Singer/producer Pharrell Williams released his new album G I R L as a “gesture” to his female fans to clear up any confusion following the controversy over last year’s (13) huge hit Blurred Lines. The Happy hitmaker scored massive success in 2013 with the track he helped co-write for Robin Thicke, but its ambiguous lyrics and racy promo swiftly attracted accusations of sexism.
The storm escalated as critics accused Thicke and Williams of advocating sexual violence towards women, and the superproducer has now spoken out to admit his second solo album, released earlier this month (Mar14), is an attempt to calm the controversy.
When asked how he felt about Blurred Lines’ lyrics being branded “rapey”, he tells British newspaper The Guardian, “I respected it. I’m not a woman, so I can never tell them how to feel. That’s why this album is a gesture. I’m just trying to make it clear what I feel… A lot of women liked (the Blurred Lines video). There are just certain women who are uncomfortable with certain things, and I respect that. I would never challenge that.”