Pharrell Williams promises rap-free solo album

Pharrell Williams has promised he won’t be recording any raps for his next solo album. The singer is currently working on a new solo record, and has revealed it will be very different from his hip-hop influenced 2006 release In My Mind.
He tells Complex magazine, “Something’s coming, and I’m not rapping on it… That’s the difference between 30 and 40. ‘Cause I was 30, now I’m 40 – and I’m not rapping.”
Williams also insists the immense success he has enjoyed in 2013 with Daft Punk’s hit single Get Lucky and Robin Thicke’s controversial Blurred Lines has made him change the way he makes music.
He adds, “I’ve never been on the forefront of such a huge thing – done by the people… The people vote for the songs, they pay for the songs, they stream the songs, they look at the videos. So my point is that my understanding of what I was supposed to do, what I could do, had been turned inside out. That’s my life.”