“Pie 2”: No condom commercials for now

Universal Pictures has removed a portion of its marketing campaign for the upcoming American Pie 2, particularly regarding a condom commercial, following concerns from the Motion Picture Association of America.

Well, of course. It really doesn’t make sense a condom commercial would be associated with a teen sex comedy.

Originally, Universal struck a deal with Ansell Healthcare Inc., the maker of LifeStyle condoms, that included a joint sweepstakes, placement of LifeStyle condoms in the film and a TV commercial featuring the movie and condoms, studio spokesman Terry Curtin told The Associated Press on Monday. Universal agreed to make the commercial, with Ansell buying the advertising time.

The studio then submitted its marketing materials to the MPAA for approval, a requirement for any studio working with the ratings board. MPAA spokesman Rich Taylor told AP that it rejected the commercial due to its content, an organizational policy whereas no condoms are allowed in commercials intended for general audiences.

Universal had to cancel its plans for the commercial. However, the rest of the deal is still intact, Curtin said.

In response, Ansell issued a terse statement, accusing Universal of wanting to disassociate itself with the condom company.

Curtin said that this was the farthest from the truth and that the studio tried very hard to reach a compromise with the MPAA, albeit unsuccessfully.

American Pie 2 is the sequel to the 1999 hit American Pie starring Jason Biggs, Chris Klein, Mena Suvari and Tara Reid, about a group of friends who head off to college. The film opens Friday, Aug. 10.