Pierce Brosnan Back as James Bond?

All bets are off about the new James Bond–it looks like Pierce Brosnan will be back as the suave super spy after all.

According to Internet reports, Sony bosses want Brosnan to return as 007 in the next Bond film Casino Royal, and they’re keen for him to star in one more movie after that.

A source tells website DarkHorizons.com, “All the stuff we heard about
Brosnan being out is just a ploy from both camps. The negotiations between
Brosnan and Eon (Bond production company) came to an end because, in the last
year, things were up in the air, thanks to all the organisational changes
taking place.

Brosnan/Eon camps are still going through the motions of bluffing each
other: an echo of the old poker game that Cubby Broccoli (former Bond boss)
went through with Roger Moore–Moore frequently announced that he wouldn’t be

“The mood around Sony is that Brosnan will be back. Hence, the reluctance of
the filmmakers to come right out and announce that they have parted ways with

“Sony are not in a gambling mood. They could lose more with an unknown actor,
or with an experienced but unpopular actor. They’re well aware that you just
can’t place any actor in this role.”

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