Pierce Brosnan still has fond memories of Irish wedding

Pierce Brosnan is glad his wife Keely talked him into organising a proper church wedding in his native Ireland when the couple exchanged vows almost 12 years ago – because the big day remains one of his most special memories. The actor was hoping for a simple affair on the beach near the couple’s retreat in Malibu, California, but his wife-to-be insisted he go home to Ireland and find her a proper wedding site.
Brosnan tells BlogTalkRadio.com, “We had a church and then they wouldn’t allow us to use the church for some religious reason or other, which is archaic and not even worth talking about. So my wife said, ‘You gotta go find me a church!’ So she sent me on a plane back to Ireland to go look for a church and I found a cathedral.
“We got married in Ashford Castle and it was August 4th. I remember this old Irish woman, the night before, saying, ‘You’ve got to get a child of Prague (statue) and put that outside on the west corner of the building. I found a Child of Prague, which is a little statue of Jesus dressed as a king, and staggered out after my night out with the lads and many Guinnesses, into the gardens of Ashford Castle and found a hydrangea bush and buried this Child of Prague.
“It was raining in the morning and we went into the church and by the time we came out of the church and into the cathedral, Ballintubber Abbey, it was golden. It was just a gorgeous day and I remember Keely getting into the car in this cloud of wedding dress and looking like a princess with all the people of Ireland lining up the streets.
“It was a mighty, mighty day. It was great. It was beyond words romantic. And it was at the height of James Bond and we were just gonna get married in Malibu on the beach but we thought the paparazzi are gonna kill us so she said, ‘We should go to Ireland’.”