Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 delayed

Johnny Depp’s fifth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie has been hit with a raft of delays over script issues. The Edward Scissorhands star is set to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow for a fifth installment in the franchise, which is reportedly titled Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
Production was due to start on the film in March (13), ahead of a proposed summer 2015 release date, but producer Jerry Bruckheimer has now revealed work on the film has been postponed.
He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re supposed to start (shooting) in March… We have an outline (story) everyone loves but the script is not done… We want a script that everyone’s signed off on and a budget that everyone’s signed off on… (Coming up with a great script is) always hard… everybody’s more cautious (about getting it right)… With any movie, you’re never confident. But it’s a billion-dollar franchise.”
Producers hope to have the film ready for a 2016 release date instead.