Pitt and Aniston not preggers

On Monday, The Associated Press reported that Brad Pitt told a German magazine that he and his wife, actress Jennifer Aniston are expecting their first child.

The German edition of Marie Claire quoted Pitt as saying, “No. 1 is already on the way. Now we are just hoping everything goes well.”

“Not true,” says Cindy Guagenti, Pitt‘s publicist, a firm denial that Aniston is carrying a child.

According to ABC.com, Aniston‘s publicist Stephen Huvane said that while Pitt did speak to the freelance reporter that wrote the article, the quote was fabricated. Pitt was promoting his film The Mexican at the time.

A representative for Pitt also confirmed that Elisa Leonelli, who wrote the article for the magazine, said she knew nothing about the quote and had not put it in her piece.

Publicists for Pitt have asked Marie Claire to print a retraction, but there was no immediate response from the German magazine, ABC.com reports.

Aniston, 32, and Pitt, 37, were married last July in Malibu, Calif.

Rumors about a possible pregnancy spread when NBC hinted in the season finale of Friends that Aniston‘s character Rachel is pregnant.