Pitt, Aniston: Wedding or Not?

Brad Pitt and “Friends” star and Emmy nominee Jennifer Aniston are not getting married. Oh, wait, maybe they are. It all depends on whether you trust the gossip columnists (such as Britain’s Sun tabloid and E! Online’s Ted Casablanca), who say they will, or Pitt’s and Aniston’s publicists, who insist they won’t.

A few days ago, the Sun reported that Pitt and Aniston are set to marry next weekend, in a private ceremony in Malibu, Calif. After that report, we checked with the couple’s flacks, who denied it.

Now Casablanca says that the invitations have been mailed out and the cake has been ordered. We checked again with the proper publicists. Again, the word is no.

Rumor about the Hollywood lovebirds’ wedding plans have been rampant in recent weeks. Pitt, 36, and Aniston, 31, have been dating since early 1998.

So, stay tuned …

Meanwhile, in other Brad Pitt news, police are searching for Athena Marie Rolando, 21, of Los Angeles, who was arrested last year for sneaking into Pitt’s home. The woman failed to show up for two court hearings related to the case and is being sought for violating her probation terms.