Pitt hated Interview With The Vampire experience, loved New Orleans

The actor reveals he was “miserable” making the vampire drama – because he found himself playing “the b**ch role” opposite Tom Cruise.

He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, “(I spent) six months in the f**king dark… (with) contact lenses, make-up…

“There was no script. I knew the book, and in the book you have this guy asking, ‘Who am I?’ which was probably applicable to me at that time… In the book it is a guy going on this search of discovery. And, in the meantime, he has this Lestat character (Cruise) that he’s entranced by and abhors. But then I got the script two weeks before we started shooting.

“In the movie, they took the sensational aspects of Lestat and made that the pulse of the film, and those things are very enjoyable and very good, but for me, there was just nothing to do – you just sit and watch Tom Cruise.

“He had all this pressure to make it work, and he made it work – and good on him.”

And there was a tragedy just before shooting began: “We lost River (Phoenix). Literally a week before he’s supposed to come in, he passed away. It was a horrible moment.

“Christian Slater came in and gallantly filled in for him. But that whole thing was dark.”

But the experience wasn’t a complete disaster for Pitt – it afforded him the chance to explore New Orleans, Louisiana, where he now has a home.

He adds, “The great thing that came out of that movie is that it birthed my love affair with New Orleans… I just rode my bike around all night. I made some great friends there.”