Police detective: ‘Philip Seymour Hoffman didn’t like drug suspect’s heroin supply’

A jazz musician arrested in connection to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death failed to sell the actor a large stash of heroin, because the late star didn’t like the quality of the product, a court has heard. Robert Vineberg, also known by his stage name Robert Aaron, was one of four people taken into custody following a police raid in New York as part of an investigation to discover the source of the heroin found in Hoffman’s apartment.
Cops allegedly found 300 bags of the illegal substance in Vineberg’s home, but during a hearing at Manhattan Supreme Court on Wednesday (25Jun14), New York Police Department Detective Daniel Santiago revealed the 57-year-old suspect told them he only sold small amounts of the drug to Hoffman.
He testified that the actor “didn’t like the quality”, and added, “He complained a lot about it so he would only buy small amounts.”
The hearing was held to determine whether Vineberg’s case should be transferred to a drug diversion court.
His lawyer claims the musician wants to attend a rehabilitation facility in a bid to tackle his own long-standing drug addiction.
He is currently free on bail.
Hoffman died from a drug overdose on 2 February (14).