Police no longer commenting on ‘swatting’ cases to crack down on pranks

Los Angeles police officials will no longer issue press releases each time a Hollywood star is ‘swatted’ in an effort to crack down on crank callers looking for publicity. Over the past few months cops have fielded numerous calls from pranksters reporting fake crimes at the homes of A-list stars like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Selena Gomez, and the trend has caused grave concerns investigators are wasting valuable time and resources, which could be better spent responding to victims of real-life emergencies.
And now Los Angeles Police Department officers have decided to stop releasing details about the hoaxes in a bid to prevent the media from rewarding attention-seekers for their behaviour.
Commander Andrew Smith tells the Los Angeles Times, “It’s our belief that the perpetrators of these false police reports are motivated entirely by the publicity these calls receive. We intend to reduce or eliminate that motivation.”
News outlets will instead have to file an official request to ascertain the information.