Police take over Boardwalk Empire set

Producers behind the hit TV show, which stars Steve Buscemi as a corrupt politician, allowed the NYPD access to the 1920s-style set in Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a massive training exercise.

Armed officers acted out a rescue situation with cadets posing as hostages inside the show’s famous Ritz Carlton Hotel location.

A helicopter swooped in to mock up the rescue of a wounded officer and six decoy terrorists were apprehended.

Lieutenant Ken Beatty, of the New York Police Department, tells NBC New York, “There were helicopters involved, ground teams moving on the boardwalk. So there was a lot going on… I’ve never seen the show, but there was certainly a wow factor there… We train in the Empire State Building, Liberty Island, anywhere in New York City that has the cool factor.”

Sergeant Gerard Flood adds, “It looked like you were walking into the 1920s, on to the boardwalk. It was very, very realistic.”