Police visit Tyrese Gibson’s home after hostage video post


Tyrese Gibson received an early morning visit from Los Angeles police on Monday (20Nov17) after posting a disturbing video online showing a man bound and gagged on his couch.

The footage featured comedian Michael Blackson in his underwear, looking distressed as he appeared to be held hostage, prompting concerned fans to call authorities amid fears The Fate of the Furious star had lost his grip on reality.

Many thought he was seeking revenge for a viral video the funnyman had shared on social media relentlessly mocking Tyrese’s recent Instagram breakdown as he fought for custody of his 10-year-old daughter Shayla.

Fuck Michelle Blackson

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“See the problem is, s**t is funny till it ain’t funny no more (sic), right?” the actor/singer tells Blackson in the clip as he paces in front of the couch, smoking a cigar.

Impersonating the comedian, he then says, “‘What’s up my n**ga? What the f**k my n**ga?’ Say something funny now, n**ga.”

“Where’s the Instagram videos now?,” Tyrese adds as he continues to taunt Blackson. “So you catch a n**ga going through some personal s**t with my daughter. At what point was you gon’ say, ‘I’m doing too much’? How you gon’ be on my back on some funny s**t, while I’m in the middle of a tragedy? You think that s**t funny, n**ga (sic)?”

no worries bro bro you still my #neega you out here talkin wreckless even my dog can smell u full of shit #FuckMichelleBlackson

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The movie star goes on to squirt baby oil on Blackson, before threatening to have his bulldog attack him.

“Now, I just need to know a couple things: will you ever put up another video about my daughter?,” he asks, as Blackson shakes his head. “I don’t believe you… My dog will f**k your a** up.”

The clip, which has since been removed, ends with Tyrese promoting the fake website “F**kMichaelBlackson.com”.

According to TMZ.com, cops raced over to Tyrese’s home to investigate the supposed hostage situation, only to discover the video was all part of an elaborate “joke” the two men had concocted to prank the public.

Tyrese has yet to comment on the police visit, which occurred three days after he was granted joint custody of young Shayla from the start of 2018 following allegations of his abusive behaviour from his ex-wife Norma Gibson.

He celebrated the news with a lengthy post on Instagram over the weekend (18-19Nov17), thanking his loved ones for standing by him during the tough time.

“Today is the first day of the rest of my life with MY FAMILY, my FRIENDS, my fans and supporters and my business associates and of course my immediate TEAM,” he wrote. “God bless you….. broken but I will heal from this”.